Our history

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We focus our activity on the core areas of planning and building and letting and administration of modern office buildings in the best locations in Zurich North and other attractive economic centres.

Scope with our history

The roots of our company go back to the 19th century. Our original company, Gebrüder Girschek iron traders, was established in imperial and royal Austria in 1856. The company developed rapidly to become one of the most prominent steel trading companies in Eastern Europe.

In 1945, the company headquarters was moved to Germany. Here the later owner, Fritz Sprick, built up the company and led it to new prosperity, primarily by supplying the German automobile industry with steel and the Austrian steel industry with raw materials.

Subsequently Ralf Jörgen Sprick, expanded the international steel business and created branches in Vienna, New York and London. The group’s business activities spanned the Eastern Bloc and extended in the west as far as Argentina and in the east to Singapore.

With the transfer of the headquarters to Switzerland the expansion of the property area began in 1970 with the group ALPINE FINANZ. This division subsequently developed so successfully that it displaced the steel business and today the planning, building and management of modern office buildings is our main business activity. Trading in iron goods and steel ceased at the beginning of the 90s.