The company

Specialist in commercial premises and office space for over 40 years

Alpine Finanz Immobilien AG is a Swiss family business with headquarters in Glattbrugg. Its focus has always been on commercial real estate letting.

A rock-solid and successful group of companies

We created the majority of our office buildings in the economic regions of Zürich, Zug, Biel and Chur ourselves. Our proprietorial image shapes our business culture in a similar way, based on 40 years of commercial experience in the real estate sector. We do not conduct our letting business as an agent but as the owner which obviates the middleman whilst at the same time guaranteeing you flexible solutions and a high level of commitment to value preservation and maintenance.

Increasing diversification

In addition to the office premises we offer, in recent times we have added many residential properties to our portfolio as well as retail and hotel interests in promising locations. For many years we have additionally been active in the German property market, mainly in the Berlin area through our subsidiary company Alpine Finanz Bau GmbH.

Alpine Finanz Immobilien AG relies on strong partnerships

When planning, building and managing our properties, we work closely with proven specialists, relevant organisations and associations as well as public bodies.